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    Talking It's a dirty job!

    How would you like this call! Talk about the ultimate in extrication LOL!

    Tuesday, April 27, 2004 - WOAI.com

    Firefighters from Sandy Oaks and Somerest responded to an emergency Monday afternoon that firefighter Edward Dugosh will not soon forget. A 500-pound donkey named Jenny had fallen into a septic tank and was trapped.

    Since he was the smallest responder present, Dugosh climbed down into the septic tank and secured a harness under the donkey. The other firefighters then lifted the animal from the confined space.

    Jenny was unharmed. Dugosh deserves a humanitarian award.

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    My best regards!
    On the other end, who between us has never had to do something like?
    I remember an afternoon spent in the mud digging a tunnel under a pregnant cow sticked in, to let the crane band go through

    (well, not a septic thing, luckily )

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