Three long years have now passed
Pain is supposed to ease as time goes by.
I still can't believe that breath was your last
And to this day I wonder why...

Why didn't you wear your seatbelt that day?
Would it have been so hard to buckle it?
The ultimate price, you had to pay,
And in our sorrow, here we sit...

Wondering why the driver didn't slow down
As you came to that crossroad.
Another apparatus was coming through town
Carrying their own heavy load.

BOOM!!! The engines met at that moment
The impact was so intense.
That is when your last breath was spent,
Memories are all we've had since.

As each year passes by,
Our daughter seems to get worse.
She seems to only wonder why
She has been handed this curse.

She wishes that she had a dad,
She's missing out on your love.
She longs for what she could have had,
If only you weren't sent up above.

She says she wants to live with you-
That can only happen one way...
To see her pain breaks my heart in two,
I wish I could change that day.

I can't seem to ease her pain
I don't know what to do.
This child is going to go insane
She desperately misses you.

If only you could be here-
You are who she needs.
Our hearts wouldn't have to shed a tear,
Our souls wouldn't have to bleed.

I know God is in control
He must have needed you.
The final bell for you did toll,
One of His chosen crew.

His angels wrapped you in their wings of love
And carried you into the sky.
You entered into the Heavens above-
To this day I wonder why...

We love and miss you with all our heart and soul, Jeff!!!