I am currently 25 and an EMT-B student about 2 weeks from completion. I will be taking the new state test on June 16. My goal is to continue with my Paramedic and fire fighter training, but I do not know the best way to complete this. I have talked with many local departments, but everywhere is a little different. Many require FF2 and medic to be considered. This raises many questions for me.
1. What exactly is the FF2 Cert?
2. Where do I need to go/what do I need for the FF2?
3. Where is recommended for my paramedic training?
4. Is it better to go for fire or paramedic before the other?
5. If I get my education in IL, what do I need to do if I want to relocate in the future?
6. Should I pursue the AAS in fire science or EMS degree that is offered at my local junior college?
7. What are some of the things I should look for in training facilities?
8. Is it better to get a job with a private ambulance service before attempting to get onto a fire department?
9. What is the age limitation on getting hired?

My long term plan is to relocate to either CA or AZ and continue my career. Is there anything that I will need to do differently to accomplish this more smoothly?

Anything that could help answer these questions would be of great benefit. Also, if you think of anything else that could be helpful I will greatly appreciate the advice. Thank you all.