Just a few things I forgot to ask about in my previous post.

For a long time, I wandered trough life not really sure of what to do with my future. As a result, I didn't always make the best decissions. The major one being that I smoked marijuana for a long time. I have been "clean" for some time, but I worry about the subject coming up in the hiring process. When(not IF) it does, what would be the best way to handle this?

Also, I do have an arrest currently on my record for felony possesion that I am currently trying to get expunged. Is this going to be an issue? Should I wait to try until it is gone? Even if it is gone, should I disclose this when going through the hiring process?

Other than this arrest, I have had several traffic violations for speeding and driving while license suspended that all went through court supervision so they never went on my driving record. I have had only 1 conviction which was for disobeying a stop sign from about 5 years ago. I haven't had any others tickets in about 2 years. Are these things I should disclose or worry about? How big of an impact does my driving record make?

Almost forgot that I was "picked up" when I was 12 or 13 for shoplifting, but was never charged. Would this be something that could come to light? What would be the best way to handle this?

That is the extent of my "criminal history" to my knowledge(or memory at least). Is there a way to verify this info, including my driving, so that I make sure I disclose everything? I don't want to be disqualified for nondisclosure if I do make the process.

And the final thing would be regarding physical ailments. I have suffered from knee problems in the past. These were all growth disorders which have ceased to be a problem in my activities, but none the less, they are part of my history. What type of affect might this have on my chances?

My decission to pursue this career was something that I spent a lot of time trying to figure out before I started my EMT training, but these are things that I really hadn't thought about before this point. I guess I was more focused on making the positive changes that I needed than I was on my past. I just don't want to spend all my time and money training for something that isn't a reality if any of this could eliminate my chances for a successful future in the fire/ems family.

I know that this all sounds pretty bad(and looks worse on paper), but this is something that I really need for myself. I have changed almost all the negative things in my life all to better myself and better my chances for a long and successful life helping people in their times of need. I am extremely fearful of my past being the only way I am seen.

Anyone who can help, I will be eternally greatful! THANKS!!!!!!!