How are you all? Have been most impressed with the site and wondered if I might use it for my own selfish gain!
I am a Paramedic and retained firefighter in Oxford, UK, and am descending upon New York in November for my first holiday in about six years.
Anyone out there in New York willing to show me around their firehouse and or ambulance? I am alway's interested in other services' equipment and America seems to have some pretty mean looking kit. I am pondering moving over at some point in the next few years so it would also give an insight into life in the old USA.
Secondly, the brothers at Rewley Road Fire Station in Oxford wonder how we may pay our respects in a real and useful sense to those who fell during 9-11 whilst I am in New York?
Anway's, thanks for your time and trouble. No doubt I will speak to some of you in the future.
Take Care and Kindest Regards

Tug Crumpton
South Central Ambulance Service (Oxford) 498
Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (Rewley Road) 3558