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    Angry Oh No Its Happened!

    Ok It Happened To Day, As The Fire Commisioner This Is The First Time I Have Had To Deal With A Serious Injury To A Firefighter Responding To A Fire Call! The Chief Of Our Department Was Responding To A Call Involving An Individual Trapped Under A Trailer Home That Had Fallen On Him. During The Response The Fire Department Was Dispatached As Well As The Ambulance Service. The Ambulance Is Sepearate From The Fire Service. As The Chief Of The Fire Department Was Responding With Lights And Siren To The Call My Nightmare Began. As The Chief Responded There Was A Member Of The Ambulance Crew Responding Also. The Fire Chief Was Going Code 3 Red Lights And Siren. The Ambulance Member Was Driving Their Own Personal Vehicle Without Any Identifying Marking Or Redlights And Siren.my Fire Chief Was Traviling Within Or Just Outside The Speed Limit To The Call. Two Cars Pulled To The Side Of The Road To Let Him Pass But The Ambulance Guy Didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ambulance Guy Turned In Front Of My Fire Chief As The Chief Legally Passed Two Cars Who Had Pulled To The Right To Let Him Pass.

    Now The Fire Chief Lays In The Hospital With Injures That Should Of Never Happened. If The Ambulance Guy Was Paying Atttention And Observing The Law This Crash Would Of Never Happened. I'm Pushing For Tickets To Be Issued! Can Anyone Out There Give Me Some Direction On How I Should Proceed? I Know If I Continue To Push For Tickets This Might Drive A Wedge Between The Fire And Ambulance!

    The Ambulance Guy Was Wrong In Failing To To Yield The Right Of Way!!!

    I Need In Put Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryafire View Post
    The Ambulance Guy Was Wrong In Failing To To Yield The Right Of Way!!!
    I wish your chief a speedy recovery.

    I am not sure how the accident occurred-if both were going to the same call, how did the other vehicle turn in front of him? Did the other guy pull out of a side street or driveway?

    Is the local, county, or state police investigating the accident?

    I once had a police car pass my engine on a two lane road enroute to a car accident. Scared the crap out of me and my driver.
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    I wish a speedy recovery to you injured member!!!! I'd say there could be a citation issued. I know you wont like my answer but the ambulance person had the right of way. All your asking when running on the red is of the right away right? What do you mean the ambulance person turned in front of him? I think I'm right about the red light and stuff atleast thats how it is around here I believe. Hopefully this incident will sink into everybodies head and it will never happen again!!! Does the squad and fire dept run out of the same st?

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    Sounds to me like we need more information. If I read right, the chief was passing two other vehicles that yielded to his red lights and siren. Did he leave his lane of travel and cross the center line and enter the opposite lane?

    Keeping in mind I am not a LEO, a lawyer (thank GOD!), or anything else like that, but if your chief entered the opposite lane of travel, that could be questioned. Mind you I am not taking sides in this- sounds as if ambulance dude either had tunnelvision and didnt see your chief, or he saw your chief and simply wanted to beat him in. Either way if events happened as you describe, the ambo dude was in the wrong. But again your chief's actions will be brought to light if this ever is challenged in a court of law.
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    I too wish your Chief a speedy recovery.

    Are you telling us that there were NO citations issued at the scene? In the state of Texas, if you do not yield to an emergency vehicle and get into an accident, you WILL be issued a citation.

    This sounds a little strange. If two people collided, than someone had to be at fault. Please keep us informed on what transpires here (with the citations as well as your Chief's health).
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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    Here in Oz, whilst there is an issue about the driver not yeilding to an emergency vehicle, ultimately under our laws, the Chief would be in the wrong. Our legilsation basically says that the lights and sirens are a warning device only, and whilst it gives us the opportunity to run red lights, etc, ultimately it must be safe and expedient to do so- in this case, some lawyer would argue that if the Chief hit him, then obviously itr wasn't safe and expedient to perform that manouvre...

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    In our state red/white light only: requesting right of way. Lights and sirens: legally all drivers must pull as far to the right as practical and come to a full stop. Now, only chief officers and official dept. vehicle may have sirens making them legally an "emergency vehicle". Failure to yeild to an emergency vehicle will illicit a fine.
    I could go two ways on your situation. First, ensuringthe ambulance person was summons for not yeilding would prove to everyone including the public that emergency services need them to move safely to the right and stop and that it is serious enoiugh that there are no exceptions. (if this is the law there also?) Or, one might decide not to force the issue publicly but address it with the ambulance service chief and member so as to progress forward without causing years of rifts. We've seen these sort of issues create lifelong enemies in my area. Unfortuneatley you can't undo the accident but you can work to prevent others, how thats best done will be decided locally.
    And I too wish your Chief a speedy recovery! Good luck!

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    In NY state, the Chief had the right of way. Any responder in his own pov must yield to an offical viechle. Your insurance company will probably sue the ambulance guy for the cost of the repair to the chiefs car. The chief probably has grounds for his own lawsuit. This does not have a happy ending , I see a major rift between both agencies. Good luck.

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    Unhappy lights=liability

    Any update on the chief's condition?

    The way I was taught, if you're running code (lights/sirens) in your pov, the precedent had been set, at least in Michigan, that if an accident occurs, whether it involves you or not, you are liable due to "creating a state of confusion". People can do some crazy things when they see those lights and hear those sirens. Construction zones, school zones, etc, just add to that. I would hate to turn this into a lecture, but these are real and serious issues. If we don't make it to the scene, how much help are we? Especially if we injure/kill ourselves or the public we are sworn to protect?
    Some areas may not be able to be as effective without lights/sirens on their pov's. The area I was in before was one of those areas/depts. I am just glad that it's not necessary in the area I am in now...

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    I teach EVD and would be interested in hearing from the original poster and see what if anything has been decided legally about this case... not just speculation... My unofficial OPINION is that unfortunately I feel both individuals are at fault... The ambulance person for not yeilding the right of way as most state laws are written... The fire person for not making sure his path of travel is safe before he proceeds ( you can't assume or force the right of way--- only ask for permission)...

    Again I would like to know any offical (legal) information on this call.

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