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    Default Hello From Indiana

    Hello everyone! Just a little bit about myself to give you a little idea of who I am. To start with I am from northern Indiana. I am currently in a firefighting class and will be taking my state test in one week, and have plans to get on a local volunteer department in June. I am also currently in an EMT-B class and have one week left to go with that as well. I will be taking my state tests for that this summer and also hope to volunteer as an EMT-B through the same fire department.

    I have visited this site many times, but just recently discovered the forum section. As an incoming firefighter/emt-b I look forward to the information from all of you who have been there and done that.

    Thank you everyone in advance!

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    sorry I think that I accidently posted one twice. I thought that I had posted this thread, then I did not see it and I thought that maybe I messed up and did not post it. Then, I just posted one, and found this one already existing. I apologize for that!

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    Which Department are you looking at joining?
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    Welcome aboard.
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