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    Default Regional application

    When you are filling out a regional application, do you list the combined budget, fire calls and ect for the entire region or the host department?
    I am trying to get the info from all the fire departments in our county, but some departments are slow about getting this info to me. I would like to get this grant out of the way. Can I estimate based on the numbers that I have?

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    That's going to be the combined stats. A regional i was helping with is probably going to be a 2008 app as a result of that.


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    Budget, population, sq miles, and calls. Vehicles and seats is still host only. Confirmed that one today, didn't seem to make much sense otherwise but figured I'd ask. Almost 400 regionals in. Lots of folks working together.

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    Smile Regional communications

    Well I have two applications submitted. I may have time for one more. Does anyone have a regional communications infrastructure narrative they are willing to share? (Repeaters, combiners, microwave, comparators, etc) thanks


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