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    Default Target capabilities

    Under the narrative section, there is a check off box for the Target Capabilities. Where would a fixed station generator go?

    Responder Safety and Health
    Firefighting Operations/Support
    Hazardous Materials Response
    Search and Rescue
    Emergency Medical Services

    Any help would be great. Wrapping up the narrative now.

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    I can only see 2 that would apply for a generator.

    Responder Safety/Health

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    I would argue that the generator can be for firefighting ops/safety or EMS too -- getting the garage doors open, engine block heaters, IV warmers, etc. I guess it depends on how long you are able to run off of the generator, what you will plug into it, etc.

    My question would be: does FEMA have a standard by which they judge the use of the equipment or can anything I imagine (within reason) be used to justify an answer to that question?
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