The 911 Network offers great rewards and discounts to members of The 911 Network and their families through partnerships with retailers and businesses throughout Canada. Through continued support from our partners, The 911 Network is able to offer great discounts, special offers and contests to you, our valued members.

The 911 Network is also an information networking site, where members can co-ordinate events, travel and charity functions. Members can also post their past-time occupations and associations for all members to see. (We all have contacts!)

We are looking for territory reps in all major cities in Canada. We need energetic sales oriented people, who work in 911 services. A good rep will have established networks and enjoy their work in emergency services. Its a great way to add income to what you already love doing. 911 Network reps are responsible for signing up businesses and members in their territory.

Please contact pmcintyre@the911network.com for more information.

Also..visit our Free Forum from our home page to view some recent posts. The 911 Network has been registering businesses and members since January 2007. We look forward to having you join our membership and grow the network in your community.