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    Default Corrections experience...

    hey everyone. i REALLY need advice for this, because i am trying to figure out what to do.

    i am 21 years old, a student of columbia southern university geting my bachelors in fire science, and a volunteer firefighter where i live. however, at the time i do not have a "paying job". i am not prepared for the career fire departments physical agility test or CPAT. and i dont want to join a career department untill i have my degree and a few other things out of the way. i was thinking about applying to be a correctional officer at one os the state prisions in a town not too far from where i live. here is my question...

    say i go and apply to the job at the prision and get it. so now i am working as a correctional officer, getting my degree, and on my time off working with my volunteer fire department. however when i go to apply to career fire department will a background in the corrections field hurt or help my cahnces of getting hired????

    thanks everyone. stay safe

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    Corrections wont hurt you... half the guys I work with are former CO's. But if you want something worthwhile and directly related, I would go for EMT or Paramedic... you could also get a hiring preference over other applicants for the experience depending on where you apply. Stay safe and don't get shanked if you so choose. Good Luck

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    Can I make a suggestion.

    I would jump on this IF you can get into a state/county/city retirement system and then bridge it over to the FD of your choice. Its been done here in California.

    Example- A Police Officer with 10 years on the job and vested in CalPERS. He/she then moves over to the fire side and there is no break in service and retirement benes.

    Make sure you can keep the credit for your prior service. Doesnt make what you did before the fire gig, service credit is service credit.
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