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    Default Burn Permit Enforcement

    Here in Northern California require burn permits for residential burning, burn piles and such. And in this burn permit (AQMD Form #1205) it has set rules and regulations for burn piles, such as no burn barrels, cant burn certian things, it has to be within 4'x4'x4' in size, and cant burn between the hours of 0600hrs and 1200hrs. Now, CAL-FIRE(CDF) does the enforcement when there staffed. But there is a great period of time when they arent here. Durring the winter. And we the local Fire District arent suppose to enforce the permits, but we do find hudge burn piles, after burn hours, and many many other violations that are more a threat to safety than anything. And in which case we put out the fire, and contact Air Quality. I was just wondering if anybody else has this going on, and if so what do you do?

    Thanks much, stay safe!
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    Try the local office of Code Enforcement.
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    If we get called out to a grass fire in the summer and the person cannot present us with a burn permit we can put the fire out, contact DNR and they will come out and deal with them.
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    Around here, permits are required and are obained by calling the county communications center, where the party is issued a permit number and explained the do's and don'ts. Dispatch then activates the tones of the station where the burn is taking place, advising fire personnel of the permit, location and sometimes the name of the person who is conducting the burn.
    When the burn is complete the party calls the com center and the center announces to the station that the burn has been completed.
    If a call comes in to communications of smoke in an area which has no permit issued, the nearest station is dispatched and extinguishes the fire.
    Whether or not the violator is cited is up to the judgement of the command officer on scene. If the violator wants to be an ********* about it, he will be fined, otherwise it's usually just a warning.

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