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    Default How much running did you do in your Academy?

    I've never been a runner, so I need to know how much running/jogging I need to be able to do on a regular basis should I be lucky enough to be accepted into a Fire Academy. 3 miles a day? 5 miles? I have no idea. How much did you do?

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    I would say... plan for at least 3... more likely 5.

    But, the hard part... is not just "the running."

    You have 2 issues:

    Its the PT that follows the running....

    but also... your not running at your pace.

    Your running at the slowest pace of the group and that can make for a very LONG run.

    Our class a lot of times have to jog around the slower ones as they did pushups.

    So, jogging and then you do the pushups, drills, etc

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    I'm in the same boat. Hate running, but I do know in the Academy im going into ( community college) we have a PT test of 1.5 in 14minutes, and three mile runs by the end of academy. I wouldn't sweat it, I started running and it gets easier. I also think that department academies are much heavier on their running as opposed to community college ones. Which kind are you going into?

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    Cool Join the Plodding club!

    I know what you mean. I always thought of myself as a plodder. Put a 90 pound pack on my back and I could hike all day but ask me to run and you could stick it you know where.
    I have actually become a runner over the last 8 months as part of our slection process in Australia is a beastly thing know as the beep test or shuttle run (20 metre length - tape that beeps and gets faster and faster - I can run the distance no worries but its the pivot that gets you)
    Anyways I overcame my plodding problem by running intervals both on the treadmill but also on a basketball court (walk-backs)
    Start at a speed you can comfortably maintain - do this for 5 mins for a warmup then jack up the speed for 3 min (50% higher than your comfortable pace) then drop back down for 3 mins to recover and then back up and so on for 20 mins longer if you feel good.

    The walk backs are pretty simple and can be done anywhere you can set a distance - sprint the length and then walk back to recover (repeat until near dead) Hwen this becomes easier - go for a longer length or do 2 sprints back to back with 1 rest length.

    You will find that your rest periods will get shorter and shorter and before you know it you'll be nailing 3 miles at the killer pace. I find it also helps when you have to run slower (you rest pace becomes even easier).

    Make sure you shift to another activity (weights etc) straight from running so you are used to the straight up shift needed in PT - you'll still be breathing hard but concentrate on breathing out as the air will always find its way in.

    Best of luck from a fellow (former) plodder

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    im going through a explorer academy and were running around 6 miles every morning. they say that the explorer academy is harder than the fire academy

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    In my academy back in 2004. We started off with about 2 miles and worked our way up to 5. And never went above that. Not saying that you wont. And as stated above, the group will run at the slowest pace. And that can take a toll on some of the guys that are use to running for long periods at a time. As we had PT before and after each run too. So you might wont to take that into consideration.

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    during my academy (college) we would have a hard work out mon, wed, and fri with wed being our hardest of the week. tues and thurs we had a light PT then we were in the gym working out. usually 1 of the days during the week included a 7 mile run. the norm was a 3-5 mile run but also included other PT stuff. the run is not what kills you, its actually a relief when you get to run. its the other stuff that you will have to do.

    our PT final included a 1.5 mile run which you had to do under 12 minutes, then 60 sit ups under 2 minutes, then AT LEAST 35 push ups, touch fist, then to finish it off you had to do 10 pull ups. everyone in our academy (26) passed it.

    you'll get there, dont worry. You will have plenty of brothers/sisters helping you as you will them.

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