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    Default Need Help With Senior Media Project. Topic: Firefighting

    Im a senior in highschool and we have about 3 weeks left before we graduate. In my Lit and Media class our last major assignment is to present a ten minute introduction on a topic of great interest such as what we want to do with the rest of our lives. My topic is firefighting. ive created an outline of how i would like to give my presentation. Some of the topics i need help with because i cant find any useful info on Google or anywhere else. Plus i would like some professional opinions. The outline is fairly long so if you dont want to post your replies on the forum you could email them to me at aaront_y3@yahoo.com. This is a very important assignment to me. Any additional help is welcome. Especially videos. thanks.

    I. Planning

    a. Qualifications
    1. General
    2. Physical
    3. Medical
    4. Criminal
    5. Written
    6. Oral Interview

    b. Education
    1. GED or College Degree?

    c. Training
    1. Academy Training
    2. Emergency Medical Technician or (EMT)
    3. Additional Department Training

    II. Job Specifications

    a. Responsibilities
    1. As a firefighter
    2. As a member of a community
    3. As a Father or Mother

    b. At the Firehouse
    1. Daily Routines and what an average day is like
    2. When the bell rings

    c. Different Types of Firefighters and fires you may encounter
    1. Different Firefighting Jobs
    2. Area Area Area!
    3. Search And Rescue
    4. Iraq
    5. Fire Classes

    d. Payments
    1. Salaries
    2. Raises

    e. Benefits
    1. Schedule
    2. Vacations

    III. Post Firefighting

    a. Planning for Retirement
    1. Steps Needed
    2. Do you really have to retire?

    b. Retirement Money
    1. Payments

    c. Firefighter Examples
    1. Real Life Examples

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    what are you needing help on finding info on. also if you went to your local firehouse guys would be more than willing to help you. just bring some ice cream a note pad with questions and a pen you would be set with that.

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    There is a great book called, "The Last Men Out, Life on the edge at rescue 2 firehouse" Got mine on amazon for 5 bucks. Great true stories about the rescue 2 station and everyday life along with WTC info. Maybe that can help you?

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    As for videos man, check out youtube, and type in Fire Academy. You'll get a lot of videos that way. There's a great one if you search under Blue River Fire Academy, but I'm biased lol.

    As for getting hired, this is what I'm trying to do, and what I'm practicing.

    As you know, firefighting is a very competitive field. Thousands can apply for open positions. There are only 210,000 paid ffs in the US. Most large city departments do not have requirements of past FF education to apply/ get hired. Smaller, suburban departments usually require their applicants to be certified FF1 and FF2, and EMT/ Paramedic. Some departments are only hiring FF/ Paramedics, as Advanced Life Support is becoming more popular.

    Most departments start with a written test, then a physical test (CPAT), and oral board interview, background check, physical and Chief's interview. Polygraphs and psychological exams can also be used.

    Most departments do not require an AAS in Fire Science, but many are also starting to require college education. The AAS is required in most places to move on up the chain of command.

    Hope this helps, PM me if you need more info..

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