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    He musta smelled just wonderful

    same for the FF on the ride back to the station

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    Only because the link will become inaccessable shortly:

    Teen survives 60-foot plunge into pluff mud
    Sunday, May 06, 2007


    Pluff mud saved his life.

    A teenager lost control of his motorcycle, plunged over the rail of the James Island connector at the Lockwood Drive ramp Saturday and dropped on the bike 60 feet into the mud flats and rising tide of the Ashley River.

    He sat there mud-wrapped like a mummy, then crawled out of the water and laid down on the flat, leaving his shoes stuck behind, the bike a twisted freak in the mud and the tide leaking into his overturned helmet.

    Charleston Police identified the motorcyclist as Benjamin Fischer, 17. He was being treated Saturday night at the Medical University of South Carolina and was in fair condition.

    "I heard a boom, then a loud smack," said Orry Howe, who works at Ashley Marina nearby.

    "We saw a debris field splash across the water," said Les Emery, of Hudson, Fla., who was docked at the marina. "He was stuck under the bike. He was half-buried in the mud and water. We couldn't believe it."

    Howe sludged his way out to the flat and found Fischer waist deep with the tide beginning to circle him. He was conscious and yelling, Howe said. Howe asked if everything was all right and the man said no, everything wasn't all right.

    "I told him, 'What's all right is you're alive. Somebody was looking out for you.'"

    Charleston firefighters tied a rope to a stretcher board and slid the teen out of the mud, blinking, barefoot and shivering uncontrollably. The only visible injury was a cut on his arm.

    Pluff mud is a soft, sucking fill along tidal marshes that has a distinct, pungent smell.

    distinct, pungent smell

    Ooooohhh yyuuuummmmmm Imagine that in the back of your unit.....???
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