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    Default Need some guidance here...

    We are working towrds hiring three full-time positions as shift officer in which they will be working the "berkley" shift. My chief told me that I had one of the three positions not knowing my lack of confidence "in the seat." I am a firefighter now but if/when that position comes up, I will be a Lt. or captain. What kind of training/classes should I take to boost my confidence and skills in order to be an effective leader/officer? We still have to do a tax levee increase so I have some time to learn. I am trying to enroll in a fire science class at my local community college as a start but in the mean time, are there any websites I can go to besides this one to gain some knowledge? Thanks!!!

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    Thumbs up Ok...................

    Try www.MFRI.org That is the website for the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, of the Unversity of Maryland. MFRI provides almost all training in Maryland, and they have a lot of online opportunities.

    I do have to ask, What's a "Berkley Shift"??

    And, Where are you?

    If you need any additional help, jump in again, we'll be here.
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    not sure what everyone else calls it but its on, off, on, off, on, off, off, off, off, on. I am in Missouri.

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    S.W. Missouri by any chance?

    And the info that hwoods gave is a good site to learn from.


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    If your Chief is willing to sign a letter stating that you are an upwardly mobile firefighter being considered for promotion to officer, I would apply to the National Fire Academy.

    I took one class last year, and I am going back this year for Command and Control of Incident Operations. They have a bunch of really good classes to help round out your experiance.

    Application period for the winter semester is open now.

    Cost to your department is not a big deal. Your airline ticket is fully refunded, you have to pay for you meals. Its around $126 if you use their meal plan.

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    Classes to consider: Fire Officer I and II, NIMS, Fire Service Instructor I, all should be available where a FS degree is offered and remember a good officer understands the responsabilities of all the positions under and above him.

    I have worked for many officers who last and only classes were FF and EMT, and some where not so good and it showed daily.
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