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    Default Cheapest way...

    What is the cheapest way to build/buy a usable brushtruck? The chassis can be used (2003-2005 models are okay). Also tank must be 300 gal with gas pump.

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    It depends on what kind of use you intend it for but if up front costs are the driving factor then consider a used 4WD pickup and a self contained skid tank/pump.

    ("Brush Truck" covers a pretty wide range of actual uses. How frequently will it be used? Will it have to do serious cross country off-roading or just the occasional foray off the pavement? Will it need to draft or will tank water be sufficient? etc.)

    Skid tank/pump units can be purchased new in a variety of commercial configurations or, if you have access to someone reasonably mechanically inclined, home-built. A decent skid/tank pump can sometimes outlast two or three trucks and has the convenience of being removable to use the truck for other things so it may be where you want to concentrate your funds initially.
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    Default Brush Truck

    We have built 2 for my department for 60k. We had the pumps so if you plan on 5k for a pump you can do it for around 65 or 70k. Our 2 are on 4 door F550 which were purchased new. 300 gallons water 12.5 gallons foam, scotty foam system, 2 hose reels, bed and boxes built by Highway products, stobe light bar and other strobes around the truck.

    This is the older one its a 2004. I will give you any information on the parts that we bought. Feel free PM me.

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