Hey all,

I was hoping to solicit a little bit of support from my family, friends and brothers and sisters in the fire service. As most of you may know I have been competing as a professional angler on the Bassmaster Elite Tour for some time now. At the same time I have flying back and forth to maintain my position with CAL FIRE.

I have been using the opportunities provided as a professional angler to continue to promote Firesafe, Firewise and Defensible Space in order to provide for firefighter survivability and home fire safety across the country, I have dedicated one night per event to work with the local Fire Departments to promote these safety programs. ESPN has filmed one of these Fire Safety get together and has it via the internet (some where) I am working on getting a copy to post for all to see.

B.A.S.S. has developed a contest called the “Hottest Rig Running” the contest is designed to have people judge the wrapped (giant designed logo stickers applied to the whole boat) boats of the Elite Anglers. By logging onto the internet it allows any one to vote for their favorite wrapped boat, and at the end of the season the boat with the most votes wins a chunk of change and the title of having the “Hottest Rig Running”!

Here is a link to a site to see my stats and a photo of my boat for this year; since this photo was taken I have added flames that wrap around the drivers consol and will also be placing memorial stickers for fallen firefighter brother Bryan Zollner, they will be prominently displayed on both sides, the windshield and the back of my boat. I also have to finish the “Defensible Space” “Saves Lives” logos also with the FireSafe, CAL FIRE and CDF Firefighters logos.


The Voting for my boat is this week and runs from May 4th through May 10th after that there will be a new group of anglers so register and vote NOW! and Pass it On!

Here is how you can vote for the “Hottest Running Rig” contest.

logo onto www.bassmaster.com
scroll down the main page until you see the “Hottest Rig Running” banner. Click on that.
Follow the instructions on how to vote, you may have to “sign in” or “register” it’s quick and easy and doesn’t cost a thing.
Choose my boat and vote for “Greg Gutierrez”.

Thanks and Stay Safe!
Greg G