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    Default Need Serious Advice

    Try to make this brief: small dept approx 130 men. Response to a structure is 2-2 man engines, 2-2 man rescues(ambo's), and a D/C. Been out 2 months with knee injury, returned 2 shifts ago. Station Capt says "he's developed a new policy" where if engine and rescue arrive at same time to a working job he wants rescue to not bunker out but to look for possible pt's outside the structure. If none is found then bunker out and assist the engine. This goes against our Dept policy which states first rescue assists and supports engine ops, wheteher it be forcible entry, search, hose stretch or attack.I find this assinine as we rotate between engine and rescue each shift and everyone should know their job. This came about from a structue fire we had just before I got hurt where a victim blended in with the crowd, did not come forward and had 3 degree burns on her hand. We are short staffed as it is. I tried to "discuss" this to no avail. Have not yet went to admin and am not sure I want to. This is a "good" old boy dept and I may get myself in some verbal trouble. Personally, I would like to tell my captain that this is poor tactics, goes against DEpt SOP, but the other FF's at our station say "well he's the Capt", while they disagree they whisper quietly. IT's CRAP> HELP ME>

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    Doesn't make sense to me.....2 2-man engine companies is not enough FF's to effectively bring a dwelling fire under control. Who ventilates? Who does the searches? What happens if a FF needs help? You obviously have very serious staffing issues. If he won't change his mind, I'd at least try to get him to compromise....1st in Rescue goes into service, 2nd in Rescue checks for victims. If nothing else, it's for your own safety.

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    As bad as it sucks, he is the Captain and if he doesn't want to listen to reason and you don't want to go over his head, sounds like your stuck with his decision. At least until you have a fire with people trapped inside and your rescue crew is outside in street cloths looking for walking wounded. I suspect your Captain might then have another knee jerk reaction and put you back to work.
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    As a Deputy...if I found out any of my officers came up with a cocakmamie order like this and implemented it, they would be excreting their solid waste through an entirely new orifice.
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    Possibility of further harm happening to a victim in the fire....high.
    Possibility of further harm happening to a victim outside the fire...low.

    Policy does not make sense. If it were me and he would not listen to reason, I'd have to go above. Department efficiency overrules 1 persons meritless idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wag11c View Post
    he wants rescue to not bunker out but to look for possible pt's outside the structure. If none is found then bunker out and assist the engine.
    Maybe you could at least get him to agree to have you in TO's while you're looking for possible pt's. That way when you don't find any you can go into action right away.

    Seems like a nitwited policy to me. Most of the time when you arrive on a fire scene the pt's come to you or are easily identifiable. You can't change the way you do business for the one out of a thousand times that a victim tries to hide.

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    We have a four man crew also for a ladder
    (Quint) and ambulance if a fire or any truck call comes in we take all four guys on the truck if a ambulance call comes in and while they are out two guys run the truck. I think that is a complete waste of man power specially if you only have two guys on the truck or do u have two guys and a driver. Maybe he would let one of your two guys go in with the pumper crew and the medic stay outside and look for any pt. Than if none are found the other person can join the crew. If you only have a two man engine crew what does he want to do go in by himself or what.

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