Can someone please help me out?

I have a question regarding the interoperability radio interface unit that is available through the CEDAP program. I thought the unit was designed so that agencies that don't have a similar radio frequency to work on, can be "patched" together through this system.

In looking at the CEDAP application, it's requiring a Memorandum of Understanding. The link that is available goes into detail in writing a Memorandum regarding the use of a "dedicated" radio frequency to be used only during large scale incidents. We don't have a dedicated radio frequency, hence the need for a piece of equipment that will allow the various agencies that we will be working with to quickly join together on a common frequency.

Am I just totally off base in not understanding what's being asked for? Or, should I be submitting a Memorandum that simply reads that we have the mutual aid agreements in place and all cooperating agencies will have permission to use our local municipal frequncy when the need arises to join them together.

Part two of my quandry pertains to the FCC licensing question. If we permit the assisting agencies to talk on our radio frequency, do we still have to get a special FCC license?

Thanks for any help! I think I'm biting off more than I can chew with trying to get this piece of equipment!