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    Default Hiking The Trail

    Hiking The Trail

    Lt Brian McGarrahan of Horry County Fire Rescue is hiking the Appalachian Trail. He began his journey on 31 mar 07 at Springer Mt Ga, but the dream began a long time ago, and the planning a little while ago. He took 6 mos leave, and while he did not know it on departure, the Dept will hold his slot. He has a lot of FFs along the way to support him and to occasionally give him shelter at a firehouse and that camaraderie that FFs give to their own. But, Brian can always use more. He is now in Va. The days will get longer, and the mental capacity to overcome those periods of loneliness and doubt that will creep in. Help Brian realize his dream with well wishes and prayers. Or, for the hearty and adventurous, meet Brian on the trail for a day or two (if you can be lucky enough to link up with him). Brianís adventure can be followed on his journal at http://trailjournals.com/mcgarrahan/. His wife Jen posts entries when she receives them.

    Walk-on Son,
    A proud father
    Assistant Chief John McGarrahan
    Horry County Fire Rescue

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    I have two friends from my station doing the same trip. I think they stared right around the same time too.

    Rumour has it there might be a marriage proposal in the future for Willie and Erin. Bets are on who it is that actually makes the proposal.....
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    Ever since I read "A walk in the woods" by Bill Bryson, I have hankered after having the readies and time to be able to take on one of the last great wilderness walks in the world. Best wishes to all undertaking this mamoth feat.
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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    Ups for a fellow SE firefighter
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