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    The powers to be refuse to ask on here, so I will. Can SAFER funds be used to purchase Dress uniforms for members within the dept? With what we were awarded, and what we have planned/already implemented, we still have a few $$ left over, and it was a thought that we could get official dress uniforms (we have none now). Any ideas, and thanks in advance for your help.

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    It may depend on whether your award was for Hiring or R/R. If hiring, definitely not. If R/R--it appears okay in the guidance doc, but our first app got bounced for "ineligible activity" and from what we had in the project--jackets were the only thing that were suspect.

    Officially--best call is to your program specialist, they are the ones who do the audits.

    earl (nothing personal, but i'd vote "no", even though i once asked for jackets and t-shirts.)

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    You have to go with Earl on this.

    The PG states:

    Excess Funds

    Occasionally, due to successful competitive bid processes, breaks on service etc., some grantees have funds remaining after the completion of their obligations outlined above. Grantees awarded under the Hiring of Firefighters Activity that complete the approved scope of work and still have grant funds available, must return all excess funds to the AFG program office. Grantees awarded under the Recruitment and Retention of Volunteer Firefighters that have completed the approved scope of work and still have grant funds available may use the excess funds to continue with recruitment or retention activities consistent with the original scope of work, as long as it is within the originally approved period of performance. There will be no extensions to any SAFER grants.
    If the excess funds are from R&R, check your FPS whether or not the dress unifroms are allowable and meet the conditons above.

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    Although NOTHING can beat asking your grant specialist at FEMA, we were
    awarded SAFER funds for jackets.

    Part of lifting moral.

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