I caught this one just before I went to bed last night. I got in pretty early. They had a very heavy fire condition in two stores as well as in the cockloft over 3 additional stores. Several large holes were cut in the roof, multiple lines were stretched and in operation very fast and companies did a great job in stopping the fire from entering the additional exposures.

Date: 05/13/07
Time: 03:12 hours
Box #: 2985
Address: 1896 Jerome Ave X E 177th Street
Building: 1 Story Brick Taxpayer 150x50 (8 Stores)
Fire Location: Through-Out 2 Stores w/ Extension to Cockloft over 5 Stores

Photos Here: http://www.nycfire.net/gallery1/FDNY07-09


That's it for now. We will see what tonight brings!

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