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    Default Pride And Ownership

    I'm not trying to steal Chief Lasky's book title, but I wanted to get some stories of pride and ownership and /or how you (or someone else) has brought pride and ownership to a "lacking" fire department.

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    Oh man have you ever opened a can of worms. And I dont mean that to be necessarily taken in a bad way. But if I read into your question correctly, you have a snake pit's worth.

    Simply put though, if your dept is missing on those two qualities, you have a very rough and tough road to follow. Those two "commodities" have to come from the heart. They are more than just an attitude, they are a way of life - or at least they should be.

    Pride should come right through from Recruit School. I was doing CPAT training on Saturday morning and the current career class was doing a live burn evaluation drill at the same time. I arrived a bit early, and noted that in the High Bay, there were two very neat rows of turnout gear. It looked very much like I remember from my army recruit school days. When the class came in to gear up, they each said "Good morning, Sir" (or Ma'm if that was your "persuasion"). Once they were geared up, they fell into two ranks and although I didnt actually see them leave the bay, I heard them, because they were "calling time" as they marched out the door. I also noticed, that after they left, their street shoes were placed in two neat rows, exactly where their turnout gear had been, and that each pair of black shoes had neatly polished toe caps. WOW

    Now being the good Army Geek that I am, I couldnt help but be impressed by all that. Its been 20 years (end July this year) since I was a Recruit, and even though that is not my class, I felt a strong sense of pride just being in the same building. I couldnt help but be very impressed.

    Thats the really long way to say I really dont know what to offer in way of assistance. Pride comes from the heart, and if a person has no heart for the job (any job) he/she is doing, then maybe its time to move on to a different job.

    Maybe just start enforcing the "If you're going to do the job, do it RIGHT. The FIRST time." That starts with simple chores like house husbandry, making meals etc, right on up to fighting fire or doing CPR. As an instructor I have occasionally asked my students, "After doing that task, would you feel good about leaving your "I did this" signature behind?" If the answer is "No." then I ask him/her to do it again.
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    Do the right thing even when no one is looking -- make that especially when no one is looking.

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    The definition of integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking; the definition of character is doing the right thing just because it is right.

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    I would add a coherent training program that's written down and executed to standard. Additionally, officers and senior men who lead by example and have these qualities themselves.

    Oh yea, anybody caught wearing (or even possessing) a Redneck Firefighter, etc. t-shirt should be hung from a hose rack for an appropriate period of time.
    I am a highly trained professional and can find my :: expletive deleted:: with either hand in various light conditions.

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