hello everyone. if this has been already discussed i apologize.

our department uses the Bullard PX helmet as standard issue


however i was reading somewhere that the faceshields on the helmets are no longer or ever was rated by NFPA as primary eye protection. they require that fire-rated goggles or safety glasses be worn and that a faceshield is only secondary eye protection. just wondering first off if anyone knows where i can find this article. also, would it even be possible to add goggles to this type helmet? what can be used as primary eye protection???

also we are not very good as far as using our SCBA during overhaul, and it is hard trying to convince our people to use air during overhaul because they see not need to waist air if their is no smoke basically. what products can be used as a replacement of an SCBA to protect the airway during overhaul operations???

thanks everyone, stay safe.