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    Default whites boots

    Whats the different laces that came with my whites smoke jumper.Do you i use the leather or the other ones.

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    Think it would depend on what you are using the boot's for.... wildland firefighting or say logging. I perfer the leather laces since they don't melt. Howerver if your that close to the fire that they melt, you are probably to close or been standing in the hotspot to long anyway.

    The leather laces do tend to strech went they get wet. I do carry 1of the nylon laces in my pack for emergencies such as 1 breaking. Have also used a length of P-cord (parachute) to get me though a shift.

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    The leather laces to streatch and they also get dry and brittle if you don't oil them.
    I am fond of using Pcord with the guts taken out, so you just have the cord jacket. After a lot of use they can wear the eyelets down, but so far it hasn't been too much of a problem and I have been using P cord for 3 years on a few pairs of Whites.
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    you are supposed to use the nylon laces to break the boots in. the leather ones stretch to much to break the boots in properly.

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    Default boot

    Before you put them on, put water in them overnight then dump it out and put them on soaking wet and wear them all day, this helps form to your feet although your socks will get nice and black! Im an old logger and we do this all the time. Leather laces are the only way to go! Whats nylon

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