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    Default What does it take?

    Hey guys.. well I applied for North Myrtle Beach, S.C... I get a letter today saying I wasn't even selected to test, really killed my confidence though. Been through several processes and get the little white envelope saying I wasn't selected. I do well on my written, agilities, and interviews, and don't know where I am going wrong?

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    You need to provide more information before anyone can give you any worthwhile guidance.
    Getting hired on the fire department often takes years. You need to make sure you are the most marketable candidate possible. Have you completed your EMT? Are you in top physical condition? While the agency may have a "minimum" passing score, we do not operate in the minimums. Have you learned to take a FIRE DEPARTMENT interview. These are waaay different than a regular job interview.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    Firefighting careers are some of the MOST competative out there. I'll tell you this, If you havnt, Join the Military and serve 3 or 4 years. The Military is the #1 way to get onto a municipal department. Then become a medic, this is another GREAT way to get hired. In this day and age i find it ALMOST impossible to become a professional firefighter without either being one of three.
    1. Veteran
    2. Medic
    3. College graduate.
    Try to become one of these 3 things and you will find yourself a pro in NO time.

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    ProFire or BCLEPORE,
    How much truth is there to the 3 points being a major factor in hirign consideration. When I am done I will have served in the Navy for 6 years and will have or be very close to completion of a B.A. in Fire Safety Engineering and Technology. I doubt I'll have my EMT yet though.

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    I doubt I'll have my EMT yet though.

    Even though an EMT might not be required to take an entry level test, many departments will not hire you unless you have your EMT. Because with out an EMT the academy would be a lot longer.

    Being 1-3 points out could be the difference in going forward in the process or getting the thanks but not thanks letter.

    I know there are times in the pursuit of a firefighter position when candidates have doubts if they’re going to make it especially after not being successful after several attempts. I know some get bummed along the way. Sometimes candidates get stuck in the journey trying to gain their badges.

    Many believe it takes quite a while to get firmly entrenched in the testing process and get a solid presentation going. That’s only if you don’t have the skills to know what you’re doing. Learning how to take a firefighter oral can make a huge difference in your pursuit.

    These came in this week:

    The goal in the LA City oral board is to get a 95 or higher score so when you leave the room you’re given a background packet to go forward in the hiring process.

    I just had my LA City oral and scored 100% and have a background scheduled. They told me that I was the best candidate they have seen all day. This was my very first oral board, I have no firefighter experience, no EMT just a few fire science classes and a CPR cert. I handled the cultural diversity question with the format and it was a thing of beauty, they were floored, you could see the look of oh my he so gets this question. I had a few rough spots and like you said, they helped me out, its human nature.
    Best regards, Bill

    How old do you have to be?:

    I am 19, and live in Orange County. I just took LA City's interview and got into backgrounds. This was my first oral board.
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