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    Default UK Hero Firefighter Will Keep Job

    UK Hero Firefighter Will Keep Job
    Sunday Mail

    A HERO fireman who faced the sack for jumping into a river to save a drowning woman has been cleared.

    Tayside firefighter Tam Brown, 42, faced disciplinary proceedings for rescuing the 20-year-old from the River Tay in Perth in March because his actions contravened brigade regulations.

    Tayside Fire&Rescue rules state firefighters should not enter the water but throw lines and talk instead.

    After the Sunday Mail exclusively revealed Tam's plight and the subsequent nationwide furore over the threat to him and his commander David Wallace, fire chiefs have now told the men that no disciplinary action will be taken.

    Yesterday, Tam, a fireman for 15 years, said: "We're very relieved common sense has won the day but the regulations haven't changed. I'd still face disciplinary action because I'd still have to do the same thing tomorrow if I saw a drowning person."

    Tayside fire chiefs are now establishing a working group to report on what extra measures need to be brought in.
    moral of the story? it's ok as long as the ends justify the means

    and i would probably have done the same thing and gladly taken the suspension for my actions.
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