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    Default WTF:How's this for a fine how-do-you-do?

    Wife accused of stealing from husband while he serves in Iraq

    A Maplewood woman is accused of stealing money from her husband's retirement account while he was in Iraq with the National Guard.

    Dana Marie Kieser was charged Monday with two felony counts of forgery for allegedly stealing about $25,000 from Staff Sgt. John Paul Kieser by forging his signature.

    John Kieser contacted police from Iraq two days after Christmas to report that his wife had sold their Maplewood house without his knowledge. That touched off an investigation that led to the charges being filed in Ramsey County District Court.

    Though Dana Kieser sold the house and bought a Fargo house, both she and her husband are listed as owners of the new house.

    "At this point, we don't have any information that the transaction involving the house was actually criminal. It's certainly bad form and certainly upsetting, but at this point we don't know that (the husband) will be out any money," County Attorney Susan Gaertner said.

    An unidentified woman who answered the phone at Dana Kieser's home in Fargo declined to comment. Michael Gjesdahl, a Fargo-based attorney representing Kieser, said his client told him she didn't break any laws and simply is ensnared in a bitter divorce.

    "Sometimes people make claims and criminal allegations to try and gain an advantage in a divorce proceeding," he said. "This has every appearance of being a manipulative stroke on his part that unfortunately the authorities have hitched their wagon to."

    Ray Kieser of St. Paul, the sergeant's father, said his son, who is 37, had a "strained relationship" with his wife because they had been apart for such a long time.

    He said that "when husband and wife are separated, these kinds of things happen" and called it "one of the casualties of war." He said his son had told him about "some of the financial things going on." He added: "It's been very hard for him."

    John Kieser told police that before deploying to Iraq in March 2006, he signed documents giving his wife power of attorney if he became physically or mentally incapacitated. Then, on Aug. 11, Dana Kieser signed and had notarized a document that falsely claimed her husband was incapacitated, according to a criminal complaint.

    Lt. Col. Kevin Olson, a spokesman for the Minnesota National Guard, confirmed that John Kieser is a member of the Minnesota National Guard, currently serving in Iraq. Olson had no other comment. John Kieser could not be reached for comment.

    Ray Kieser described his son as "a good family man and father." He was married in about 2002 and has two sons, 5 and 3, his father said.

    John Kieser was deployed to Iraq in March 2006 and his stay in Iraq has been extended.

    (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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    I thought the fire service put strains on marital relationships. I couldn't imagine being separated for months on end. It takes extreme loyalty for the wives, and I salute any and all family members who stick behind their men in uniform for these long deployments.
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    While have no knowledge of the portrayed incident, I can speak from personal experience, having been deployed twice in two years. The first trip was four months of a THREE month SE Asia trip, my wife declared she was pregnant the day BEFORE I sailed. So I missed all the morning sickness stuff - but my phone bill was ..... ummm ya....

    Second trip was for five months - that "killed the cat", and my wife is now my ex-wife. With two small boys tossed in the mix. My youngest was 5 months old and I missed my oldest's 3rd birthday when I sailed for San Diego.

    My sister is married to an ex-US Army Geek. Before he released from the army, she got to move the family from Ft Hood to Ft Campbell, because he was being deployed 18 months unaccompanied to Korea. On his return to the US, he was home for 3 months and then headed off for another 6 (I think it was) to Iraq. Was a very bumpy road when he came home. All seems well now, that he's been home and out of the army for almost three years now.

    Even the strongest of relationships can be marred by six or nine month (or 18 as I'm hearing for US troops) deployments.
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    I'd heard a couple interesting tales while in the Navy.One was about a guy whose wife got pregnant while he was deployed so she told him it was his and she was just finding out.
    After the baby was born,he got the requisite pictures to show his buddies but the cat was soon to be let out of the bag.
    It seems his wife liked to date around while he was away and had a couple interracial relationships(not that there's anything wrong with that but Jody doesn't need to come knocking anyway),one of which resulted in a birth.
    Since this guy was an E-3,he was required to send half his pay to his wife which she was using to raise a child that wasn't even his despite her claiming he was the father.
    Once his ship returned,the real story came out and the sailor had to go through numerous offices to get her evicted from base housing after their divorce.The Navy did help by taking her to court over her getting the allotment increases for the baby so he got something from it.

    The other story involves a radioman on a sub tender and a missile sub.Missile submarines have two crews designated Blue and Gold.One crew takes the boat out on patrol while the other goes on leave,gets additional training and tranfers to other ships.When the boat comes back,they only stay in port long enough to do a custody turnover and load fresh stores because the missiles are vulnerable in a fixed location like homeport.
    The aforementioned RM would watch the sub head out to sea and pick out several likely women on the pier.He'd start making the rounds of the base clubs and nearby bars to see if he could meet these ladies and start a relationship with them.Because he worked in the radio shack,he'd know when the boat was coming back and be able to break things off to keep the at sea hubby from being any wiser.
    When Blue crew came in and Gold went out,he'd repeat the process,being careful not to pick women that turned out to have kids that could spill the beans.
    He must have figured that he had quite a scam going because he could run into a girlfriend who was with her husband while with another and nothing would start if she wanted marital harmony.
    He did eventually get busted when the Wive's Club got together and stories were compared.Someone told her husband who asked around and soon enough,this guy got told of two choices:take new orders to Diego Garcia or his name was going to be revealed to two boat crews for their disposition.

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    It always takes two to Tango, good or bad! Deployments are always going to be hard and no amount of info up front can prepare you. I would very much enjoy watching this said wife locked up and having divorce papers served!!

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    We had a local soldier killed in in Iraq last year who left behind a 3 year old daughter. His Mother who served as the childs gaurdian took the benifit money I believe about $250,000.00 and spent it, She was just convicted a few weeks ago.
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    That sucks for the soldier. As if he isn't dealing with enough right now.

    Some of that money could legally be hers because they are still technically married, the whole 50/50 thing. Some of that sounds like fraud though under false pretences and she was arrested. Bitch!! Some women use it as a crutch to say "poor me" and some use it to their advantage. It's unfortunate but I guess you gotta be extra sure when you pick your mates.

    I've also heard of some employers not wanting to comply with the Soldiers and Sailors act that allows deployment and they still keep their jobs. Some want to hire new workers because of the extended deployments. I don't agree with this either and really, they can't do that. The government will make them take the soldier back.

    I hope it all works out for this guy, pretty $hitty thing to do when he is over in the desert.
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