I really can’t take anymore of the fire service. From volley to paid departments in my area I am constantly being amazed by another act of stupidity and lack of remorse. I see alcohol bars in volley stations with more funding than the training budget, drinking and driving fire apparatus, and fire officers approaching me with questions like this “how hard is that EMT? I took CFR once but failed it from not knowing how to read” WHEN WILL THIS BECOME A PROFFESSION AND STOP BEING AN IDIOTS HOBBY! We have fire chiefs running emergency to medical calls driving like idiots for what? So when they get there they can stand on the porch and wait for the ambulance, because none of them have medical training. I’ve got a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar quint that’s NEVER used because no one knows how to use it. I’ve got a truck committee trying to find a apparatus manufacturer that makes an open cab apparatus because that’s what everyone wants!!! WOW!!!! BEER AND BUDDYS AND STUPIDITY. My welcoming words into the fire service “you put the water on the fire and none of that other **** you new guys learn doesn’t matter”. These are departments with budgets of a million dollars that don’t know what NFPA is!!! I walk into the firehouse and watch two officers trying to marry a pick head axe and a pro bar!! I watch as my captain and two firefighters on a gas leak with no PPE trying to measure the concentration of natural gas with a CO detector!! I have a thousand stories of unbelievable stuff that made me quit this job but the icing on the cake is this lil number…. I am working as the night time medic for the local ambulance when the tomes drop for a structure with entrapment. We pull up about the same time as the chief does and I start setting up my rig for possible patients. I see a barn that has been flipped into two apartments with a two car garage attached by a 10-15 foot enclosed walkway. The garage is 50-75% involved with no impingement to the house. The engine pulls up and they start putting out the fire all while I’m busy getting my rig together and thinking about where I would like to set up rehab. I never see anyone attempt to evacuate the house or do any sort of a search but I know there is no way the local chief could be that ignorant not to do so. 30 minutes later the focus has moved to the house as I watch the chief spot smoke pushing from the eaves. To make a long story short the chief failed to implement a search and two people were found with towels covering there heads less than a foot from the front door. The state of New York killed these two people because they failed to mandate minimum officer qualifications and training.


I pull up to an MVA to find my patient in cardiac arrest and the fire chief is in the back seat holding c-spine and two other chiefs just standing around outside the car talking while there department still hasn’t answered up for the call yet. Later I find out the chief cancelled the rescue because the ambulance was on scene…. This obviously wasn’t a trauma related arrest if you could have seen the truck.


Dispatched for an elderly female down possibly not breathing. Arrive to find the whole fire department standing in the front yard so I figure the patients been gone a while now. NOPE!!! I ask the guys what they got and I get this back “doesn’t look good” Sure enough the family is inside and grandmas on the floor in cardiac arrest only she’d stopped breathing after the fire department had arrived. We worked the arrest alone until I went outside the grab a backboard and asked for some assistance from a few of the gomers standing around. They didn’t do this because they don’t like medical calls or our ambulance service; they were standing on the front lawn because they were to stupid to do anything else.

I have been with 6 volunteer fire departments and I’ve never had one that was professional. I know there are many out there but not where I’m from apparently.

This is not directed to any volunteer on this page… all of you obviously care enough about this job to come together and share ideas… I’m just exhausted and depressed to see so many stupid people in our fire service. To bad the politicians are just as blind.