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    Default Swissphone pagers

    Swissphone now has multi channel pagers available. The quality of the Swissphone is much better than the Minitor 5's. Complete Wireless Technologies out of Colorado is doing free demos. The website is www.compwiretech.com

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    Our department purchased 2 RE629s 6 months ago after talking with the Swissphone people at FDIC. We liked them so much we just purchased 18 more and will be retiring all of our Minitor 3s and 4s. Smaller size, extended battery life and the display are some of the features we really liked.

    The only feature missing on the RE629s that we would like to see is a volume control knob. The Swissphone pager requires a the use of soft keys to control volume which is more combersome than a knob.

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    If you liked the RE629, then you will really like the RE729 that is out now. I have been setting up fire depts with the RE629 for 2 years and am a direct factory dealer. They revamped their distributors in 2008 and disolved a few like complete wireless and some others in Texas are gone now. I have the first 56 of the RE729 out now on a demo for Sonoma County Fire and various depts for testing. The RE729 is a Wide-Spaced unit in VHF and is 9 Mhz wide so you can put tons of frequencies like the CalFire 151 Mhz in the same pager. It also scans and has some other nice clean up features over the RE629.
    They are available now to order and I have some great group purchasing prices on them. You can visit me at www.williamscom.com or email me here.
    I also sell light bars, sirens, and all brands of 2way radios

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