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    Default Nomex vrs. PBI/Rayon Hood

    Howdy y'all,
    I am looking to get a new hood for structure applications - what is the differences of the two materials listed above?

    And, what does the TPP rating stand for?

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    Default From DuPont

    TPP stands for Thermal Protective Performance. The TPP rating of a fabric or composite refers to its thermal insulation characteristics when protecting the wearer from fire. TPP is measured using a combination of flame and radiant heat sources with a heat flux of 2 cal/cm2-sec. The flame is impinged on the outer surface of a four-inch by four-inch area of the fabric or composite. The time required to reach the equivalent of a second-degree burn at the calorimeter on the other side of the sample is recorded. This time (in seconds), multiplied by the heat flux of the exposure, gives the TPP rating. The higher the TPP rating, the more protection a fabric or composite provides the wearer.

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    TPP is the thermal protection offered by the material. The higher the number the more thermal protection the material offers. Usually though this is offset by heavier and bulkier materials.

    I have used nomex, PBI, P-84 Lenzing, the Tempo Uno, and now I just got a Carbon Hood.

    Both the Nomex and PBI hoods were single layer and I personally disliked them both because the material was thin. They were better than nothing. I disliked the Tempo Uno hood because it is too bulky. It feels like a winter stocking hat to me. My personal favorite for years has been the P-84 Lenzing hood. To me if offers great protection, and minimum bulk, even though it is 2 layers. They are relatively inexpensive, in the $20 dollar range.
    I was given a Carbon hood to try and so far I really like it. It is lightweight and comfortable and I have used it in both "real" fires and training fires and it offers great protection.

    Whichever hood you buy get one with the longer bib style throat covering. The cheaper short hoods tend to ride up and leave your neck unprotected at times.


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    I have both - I carry the PBI hood for the summer months, and the heavier nomex hood for the winter.
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    One thing I have heard from a couple of people about the carbon hoods is that you get in deep, and don't feel much heat with them unlike the other hoods where you will feel a little to let you know it's getting hot. But with the carbon hoods, three people have told me that they got burns on their ears from the hood itself. It insulated so well that they didn't feel any heat, but the hood got so hot, that when it actually touched their ears, it blistered them.
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    We recently switched to the carbon fiber hoods and so far I like it. I still keep my P-84/lenzing hood in my pocket though. The carbon fiber hood does insulate really well. I prefer to feel a little heat through the hood and you can still feel it but not as much as the others.

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    may i suggest the new carbon hoods....


    a little expensive but well worth it. i have used it for sometime now and i enjoy it more than the nomex hood i used to have.

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