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    Hello everyone.

    I am a lieutenant with a volunteer fire company in PA. I was put in charge of finding a pass alarm system for our township. Which consists of 6 departments and about 160 firefighters. I was wonder If you had any comments or suggestions on any of the systems out there. We want a system that has a removable clip or key to activate it, and it has to report back to a unit with activation status at the command post. We would also need 6 command station units for each of the stations. An suggestions on which system would be the best for us. We are currently looking for a device for each active member in all 6 companies, so we need a system capable of handling about 80 members on a call. The only one close that I have found so far is the GEMS system. Any other systems out there and what do you think of them including the GEMS system. I believe it is called the T-pass II system.

    Thanks in advance


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    The GEMS system is great my dad is a fire chief for the dept next to mine and they have it. All 70 of his men have one on there gear at all times. All the duty chiefs have the command box in there car. The names of the firefighters are on the screen of the box any time the pass is with in I think a mile of the box it shows up on the top of the screen also it will tell you if a member has not activated his pass alarm. They are the clips that you pop off. Also if anyone’s pass goes off it sounds an alarm at the box and red lights flash. They went above and beyond and bought about 30 extra pass alarms so when mutual aid companies come in and check with command each member gets one and they know what trucks have what units. The newer systems even have locaters in them so it can find an area a firefighter is in if his pass goes off. A lot of money for that option though. My dad told me he looked at trying to upgrade his system and it was almost as much as they already paid for the whole thing. The only down side I see is that the antennas on them can break and bend so they have lots of extra and they replace them when needed. I hope that helps let me know if you have any questions if I don’t know I will ask the old man.

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    Grace has a nice system. I do know it costs some serious jingles but It sounds like it's worth it.

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