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    Smile Clark Coutny, NV

    Anyone have a # on the pass of the cpat? Heard the city is in need because the last written min % was 90 and they dropped it to 75%. What did u think of the cpat? My 1st and didnt think it was that hard. I am from out of state so just want all the info i can get. I talked to some locals @ the cpat and the said if u have ur medic and do good on the oral u r on a higher list and will most likely get a job ? Any word on the 1st academy ? I will have my medic in september so if hired so u think they would wait til I finish school. Also and info on how living is out there ( I would be coming from MI so a big change (for the better) ). Just cost of living compared to starting pay what everyone does for fun, houseing etc? Thanks for all the info and good luck on the orals.

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    Anyone body out there ? Heard that the orals are june 18-26 and 700 to attend. Alot in a little time, anyone from last orals with any info. Thanks again on any info.

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