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    Default Waterous pump help

    heres my question, on our engine we have intakes, driver and officer side, while being supplied from a hydrant to the driver side intake is it possable to discharge out the other intake, I know that there is more available water but can you actually increase the pressure out the officer side intake.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    No, you can not increase the residual pressure of water exiting (note I did not use the word discharging) from the opposite steamer. Remember though, if you do have enough residual pressure and volume to go with it, you can hook another pumper (using a soft sleeve, hard sleeve, etc) up to that same steamer connection and bump up the pressure using the second engine. It's called tandem pumping, and there are 2 active threads on it as we speak.
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    Also remember that a fire pump is rated at draft. It is entirely possible to flow more than the rated capacity of the pump from a pressurized supply source (hydrant). Well, assuming that you have sufficient discharges to accomplish that.


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