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    How are all of you? good. well im new here and im thinking of going to iraq or another high pay firefighting job. if any of you could give me a hint as to where and how i can do this pleas hit me up. ( if any of you have any info on the job aspect there would be good info too. thank you.
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    Having been to Iraq (as a soldier) and as a career firefighter I can give you some info. I do know typically these organizations want experienced firefighters for these roles. Typically FF II certified etc. Also, they typically require at least a 12 month commitment. The biggest contracting organization over there is KBR. I'm sure you can google that and find info. The only other name of a company over there I can recall is Blackwater, which I believe just contracts for security personnel. (I could be wrong). It is good money over there! Just be prepared for the HOT! Most things that burn over there by the way are trailers or tents so don't plan on doing much interior firefighting! Good luck.

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