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    Default --- Best State to get a start in ---

    I've got to say it's been a bit discouraging finding out more about the difficulties in starting a career in firefighting. I live in Illinois. I have 2 bachelors degrees and my National Registry EMT-B. Those credentials, as uneasy as they were, do not stack up much to the competitors I'll be fighting besides. I went to a small town a few hours south of Elgin, for an orientation meeting. I thought my EMT-B was going to help out a little. Well, for the couple of open positions that this place was hiring for, over 400 people attended the orientation meeting! It looked like nearly half of them were already paramedics, many of them had their bachelors degrees. I thought to myself... what on earth am I doing here? So, I figured I'd try to become a Paramedic. Well, it has proven difficult to get into a program without experience, and right now I am working full time. I've tossed around quite a few ideas, but the bottom line is that I want to become a fireman. I know it's difficult. It actually seems near impossible in todays competitive world. So, here's what I was wondering; Could anybody tell me if there is a state in this country that would be easiest for me to get my foot in the door? I hate to phrase it that way, but darn it... I want to believe it's possible for me to become a fireman someday! I'm 30 years old and the hiring clock is ticking. Is there some other state that has less demand for its new recruits? What is the best way to go? I'm willing to relocate. My national EMT-B will carry with me to most places as I understand it. Please feel free to comment, serious posts are welcome! Thank you.

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    Keep tryin man. As discouraging as it is to see all these people with cert.'s that you may not have, keep trying. The hiring staff may see something in you that they like, that they may not see in another applicant. Don't give up on your dream.
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    My only question is, why is it tough to get into a medic program without experience? Most of the programs around here will take ya as soon as you have a B card, and finish A&P for medics

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    Default Experience in 2 States

    Well first let me tell you where it is not easy to get a job, New Jersey. I am born and raised here and am a career firefighter. I am not ashamed to say it but the reason I got my job is because of my last name. Right now on my department my father, grand father, 2 great uncles, and 3 uncles are all retired white hats. Even with that running for me it took 2 tries to get hired. In NJ typically if there are 5 openings in a FD there are close to a thousand applicants. When I applied the second time, there were 11 openings, 1213 applications. Not the best ratio. Now for a place that it seems a bit easier. Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas, Hillsborough, or Polk county Florida. My younger brother and 1 cousin just moved down there about a year ago. They decided they wanted to be in the fire service, but hate the cold and snow. Within a year they were both hired by 2 different dapartments in the formentioned areas. My brother is with Sarasota County Fire-Rescue and my cousin is with Pinellas Park Fire. When my brother applied for Sarasota, there were 26 opening and they got 115 applicants. I like those odds better than what I got up here in NJ, My cousins were even better, 4 openings, 12 applications. The trick in Florida is to get your paramedic, mmost departments there are now requiring you to be a FireMedic. It is an extra 11 months of class (by Florida standards) but it starts out salary about 12k more a year and pretty much gaurantees you a job. Just something to think about. Stay safe.
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