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    Default Hiring stations !

    Hello, just wondering if anybody could tell me what stations in or around the Elgin area are hiring now for a candidate with my credentials. I have an EMT-B license and 2 bachelors degrees, also certified in CPR of course. Right now I'm working a full time job that is pretty decent. In order for me to give up my job, it would have to be for something promising, not just an "I hope so but probably not" kind of thing. I really want to become a full timer (as does everybody else, I know). Anyway, some tips from you veterans would be very welcome about where I should try. Any thoughts?

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    Maybe try going and asking the Dept???

    Just a thought.
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    Where are you from? Do you have any FT depts in your area?

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    I am from Elgin, Illinois. Yes, there are full time departments not far from where I live. Some of them don't even require that you must first be a paramedic. That's the good news. The bad news is that everyone and there brother shows up from 100 miles around when applications are being handed out. I have 2 BA's, 1 EMT-B. That doesn't do much for me when there's guys pooring in with FF2, EMT-P's and military experience. They might want to hire me as the water boy, but that's it. That's why I'm saying, I think a good game plan for me might be to search around in smaller towns where competition is less intense, although, I still do plan on applying at these stations that are very competitive... I just don't feel very hopeful about them. If anybody knows where I could go to get started as a full timer, that would be awesome. I don't care if they only pay 19k a year, I just want the experience.

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