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    Default Mail Outs to the community(fundraiser)

    I was thinking of conducting mail outs to the community with the intention of raising additional funds for my fire department. If any other departments have tried this I would like some information on the response they had. I often have people in the community that do not want to participate in some of the fundraisers we have, because they don't believe enough of the money stays in the community. With some fundraisers this is true. Some examples of letters to the community would be very helpful. We are 100% volunteer and we are supported by the city that pays for truck mait. fuel, and insurance. We do not have a tax in place to cover the rural areas we protect. So what it comes down to is this a good practice or could my time be spent better with other fundraising projects.

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    We prefer face to face style events, such as BBQ dinner sales at the fire station. We hand out literature, do a blood drive, do free blood pressure screening, give a tour of the station and the trucks, and invite the local ambulance service to participate.

    In OUR OPINION, this gives the community a chance to see where their tax dollars go. However, since you do not have a tax based fire department, none of it really belongs to the community beiong served, it belongs to the city.

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