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    I have read a lot of post from both BCLepore and CaptBob. While I respect both of thier opinions and have learned a lot, they sometimes differ in the approach on how to interview. I am anticipating taking my first fire interview in the next month or so and I want the badge more than anything. I live in a county where FF's move around between the 3 depts out here and I want to have the same chance at my 1st choice dept as they do. The only way to do so as I have read is in the oral boards.

    So not to cause waves could anyone who has used either one of the programs provided by BCLepore or CaptBob email me with any info, good or bad. If I have offended either BCLepore or CaptBob, I'm sorry, I just want to make the best decision to help me in my future.

    My email is

    Thanks in advance


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    Hawg- Both offer merit. I have only used Capt. Bob for my Fire Officer promotion. Like any program, you will probably be able to get bits and pieces you can use.

    PM me for more help.
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