Hi Everybody,

I'm Sgt. Gabriel Deukmaji with Ashburn Volunteer Fire Rescue located in Loudoun County Virginia. I'm currently working on a proposal to our department to establish a live-in firefighter program at our station. I was hoping that I could get some help from those of you who are familiar with other live in programs that have already been established in various other areas. Here are some of the things I'd like to get info about so that I can present this to the board (feel free to just type your answers below the questions and reply)

Please reference what department you're with:

1. How has the program helped the department?

2. How would you rate the level of interest in the program? (are there many applicants, is there a high level of turnover)

3. What physical space have you dedicated (if any) to the program? What are the facilities like?

4. What issues have you had with the live-in members that you would caution another department to consider?

5. What steps would you recommend in starting up a program from scratch?

6. Where do your applicants come from? (within the department, students, etc)

7. What are your rules for the live-ins, how many shifts to pull, code of conduct, visitors, drinking, etc?

8. Is there a person that I could get in contact with directly for further information and could I have their phone number and email?

I'd like to thank you in advance for your help on this, I'm excited to get a program like this started and I hope to have a lot of success with it!

Thanks Again!