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    Default Educational CD's

    I am looking for depts that have created educational CD's for fire prevention/injury prevention etc that were distributed to the public, used in classrooms etc. Can you tell me if you produced the program yourself and made the CD's yourself or if youused a company? How did you pay for that project? If your dept has done this please email me at bweil@nocfa.com

    Any suggestions from anyone?

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    www.usfa.fema.gov, Publications section

    They have a ton of free graphics, reports, information, hand-outs, and other such stuff all free for either downloading or they'll ship CDs/DVDs to you for nothing. I haven't been there in a while, they didn't use to have full-blown presentations but might have added some.

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    You may also want to check with the library at the NFA, They can send it to your local library on a loan status if it helps.

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