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    Unhappy Apparatus Bunting Protocol

    We will be attending a funeral for a fallen brother here in Florida. My question is (as part of the procession), should our engine be draped in black bunting or is that reserved for the home department? I have never been involved in the process and want to make sure that we represent with respect and honor.

    Thank you in advance

    Dan Welton
    Malabar, Florida

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    I would contact the the national memorial people. www.firehero.org. They have all the protocol books and may even be able to provide on to you. They are a great resource for this type of question.
    Jason Brooks
    IAFF Local 2388

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    Default Bunting

    I personally have been involved in various aspects of funerals in my area and havent really seen anything printed, with reguard to bunting, I believe that the"host" department would typically advise you best...
    I personally feel the bunting generally speaking should be used limited to the deceased' department or Company, imagine if your company, while paying respects, were "overdressed" when compared to the firefighters own department...when the family requested as little as possible.. as brothers we can show our respect and solidarity with using badge strips....its a bit overbearing if everyone bunts they're apparatus, and those who might not have known otherwise ciould mistake your apparatus for his Company or Department. sometimes, you can over do it...

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    We drape our light bars with black covers on our engines that we use during funerals, In my opion only the deceased department engine(s) should have bunting
    [FONT=Times New Roman]Douglas R. Patton
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    Isaiah 6:8

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