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    Default FF I & II Classes in NC?

    im Having trouble finding classes or a straight up program that is in order...i found a few that looking at the schedule is ALL wacky and me personally dont want to take the risk of screwing up somewhere because i was supposed to know this from a class before when i wasnt there for it...Anyone have any suggestions in NC...im in Wake Forest if that helps

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    Maybe I am not quite understanding your question correctly, so I'll try to answer it from a local perspective.

    Fairfax Fire Academy teaches Fire I and II as a combined series of lectures - next course starts 31 July and ends 22 December (hoping to be in the class list) and while both courses are covered, they will not be taught in order. IE: Fire I and then Fire II; the modules will be intermixed according to what the course outline reads. This may be similar in your neck o da woods too, which may account for no schools offering a "straight up" course outline.
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    Eaglesrule1024- Johnston CC runs the complete FF 1 and 2 classes as an evening and I believe a day accademy. You can choose which one you want to attend. They run it in the order that you will need to know. Look at Wake Tech or Vance Granville's website they list where and when all the classes are for you to take. There are some classes that are only level 1, I would start with those, followed by the classes that are needed to finish out 1403. Then you can complete the rest of them to get your cert.

    Are you a volly in Wake Forest? If so go talk to E.Mohn, W. Burton or Chief Swift I am sure any of those 3 guys will be more than happy to give you an idea of what order you should take classes in. If not you can feel free to PM as I am in your area, teach through VGCC and would be more than happy to help you out.

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    I think most of the time you will find your fire inistructors are very helpful and will not chew you out or anything if you are having difficulties. I found when I went through that it really didn't matter which order you took the classes in except that you did need the level 1 class to understand some of the concepts of the level 2 class on that same topic. My suggestion is take the 1403 classes and then the rest of the level 1 classes then go on to level two... check with what ever dept you are joining they may have a certain order they want thing done in. If you don't mind traveling some you can take fire fighter one and two classes all over the state... just ask your training officer and he/she should be able to help you.

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    PM me your email and I will send you the current Fire/Rescue schedule for classes in our area. (I'm about 25 minutes from you) Hope this helps.
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