Hey everyone. I am a part paid firefighter with the Lakeview District Fire Department in Lakeview Michigan. I joined the department in April of '06 and just recently completed my FFI classes and tests (passed the practical, still waiting to hear on the written!) Can't wait to get the results back (I feel confident I passed) so I can finally get into the heat of the fire. Even though it is a necessary job, being the go-getter of equipment, tools, etc gets boring!

I am in my early 30's and want to get in while I still can! I have always admired the fire service and its' personnel but just never felt that it was the right time for me to join. I finally decided last year that I felt comfortable enough in my life (along with my wife's blessings!) that I could do the job without worrying about distractions.

In the year that I have been in the fire service I have met some wonderful people. You never really understand why you are called brothers and sisters to so many until you BECOME a brother or sister. I really feel like I am a part of one HUGE family.

My admiration goes out to each and everyone of any fire service, from volunteers to full-timers, 30 calls a year or 30 calls a day, we are all trying to accomplish the same goals - keeping our communities safe! Hope to chat here with all of you and enjoy some good bs'ing along the way!