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    Default Army firefighting

    Since its almost that time to apply to college im thinking about doing an ARMY ROTC program, and ultimately want to be a firefighter in the army. Is ROTC a good choice for being firefighter or are there any better options out there?

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    Well if youíre going to ROTC im guessing you want to be officer type. Officers in the Army (from what my Lt. told me) is that they canít go to fire school. So if you want to be a firefighter in the Army go enlisted.

    But what I have heard from a few sources is that most of the active duty firefighter E-4 and below are being forced to out of the 21M and into another MOS. I was told that by someone that works at Hood and Polk.

    So you best chance for firefighter is Army Reserves. Have a question about that shoot me a PM.

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    Default Guard

    Your best bet is to go guard. They are taking just about anybody they can to fill there slots. I am a 21 M in Illnois Guard unit in Sparta. What state are u in. Send me a PM if you got any Q? i know its been a while sine you wrote this.

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    Army regulations state that officers cannot be firefighters. Period. They MAY be assigned as fire marshall, but that is a title only. They are specifically excluded from any fire role, even commanding firefighters on any given incident.
    Also, Army firefighters actually doing any firefighting duties are very scarce. Most of them are guarding ammo convoys and the like. I'd think long and hard before looking at the Army for being a firefighter.
    If you are interested in military and firefighting, I would research the forums (there are tons of them) about joining the AF or the Air Guard as a firefighter. But, even the AF doesn't allow officers to be firefighters. So, I guess the best thing is do the research and figure out what you want to do in college, in the military, and beyond (just my two cents worth).

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