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    Quote Originally Posted by ksfirefighter View Post
    I have tried the metal and plastic ones for on top. The best one I have found to date mounts under the brim. Its called the Blackjack. Here is a link to see it. http://www.fdcrescue.com/Store/index.php

    Mounts under the brim of my traditional and my metro. Its a little tight against the shield on the metro but the light with a recoil LED is amazing. As said in another post sometimes the light is right in the eyes of who you are talking to but the light has an off switch that helps avoid that. It doesn't stick out far enough to catch anything and is right in your line of vision.
    This would be my "Solution of choice" also.
    Having used a "Little Ed Recoil" for some time now I can't begin to describe how amazingly bright it is against the halogen lights.
    Also from having dealt with directly with Christopher McCorkle at 1445 Designs (the Company that makes the Blackjack) I can say that they are a top notch little company. This is truly a "made for firefighters by firefighters" item.


    Disclaimer - I am in no way affiliated with 1445 Designs nor do I stand to profit in any way from the sales of their product.

    Also - if you have a Bullard helmet that uses their (IMHO Stupid!!) Blade Mount Technology to attach your goggles or Face Shield, then the blackjack will not work (as intended) with your helmet (ask me how I know )
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Thumbs up Lights

    I am also using a Blackjack with a Streamlight 4AA LED. I love it. In fact several other F.F. has purchased the same set-up. The Blackjack by far is the best mounting system on the market. The only drawback is when you have the change the batteries, it's difficult to do so while the light is in the holder for that the Allen type set-screw is tightened down. I also use a Pelican Big-Ed 4C on my chest.

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    Default led light

    There are many different lights you can go with a full led light bar that mounts on the front of your helmet with strap to hold it on or a spy torch light with a rubber streamlight band that wraps around the helmet if you like contact me i am a dealer for fire eqpt.


    email is snorman@firefighteroneonline.c om

    tell them steve sent you

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