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    Exclamation Need input from you guys:Help!! Injuried on the job

    Hello everyone!!! I really need as much help As I can get from here. I have tried elsewhere but not much success. I was a wildland firefighter for the forest service. I know that there are differences as far as working for the city. I heard you guys tend to stick with each other like family when it comes to anything that deals with your coworkers. This is why I am coming to you for help. I was injuried on a fire. I had almost lost my life to this. But anyway to make things quick and to the point, I eventually lost my job do to not being able to do my job duties because of this. The doctor they had me seeing had dumped me like a dead dog. The injuries that I was still suffering from were never taken care of or resolved. So I was stuck telling my captain and battalion chief that he was no longer going to help me. They then informed me that they did not have to give me light duty. Know I am stuck without a job, still having health problems because of this accident, and very upset that I can not find some kind of lawyer to help me. I have almost been homeless on several occations, we can barely make rent and keep descent food in the house. My husband is working 3 jobs to try to make ends meet. I am just so upset that I was terminated over something that was out of my control. And I have been trying to get a copy of my accident report, but have been denied every time. I have went as far as trying to have the congressman and others that worked for the forest service to get it for report reasons and were unsuccessful. I really need help guys!!! I need to find a lawyer who does not want money up front. I know if I can find one to help me it would be a winning case. All I want to do is get the surgery I need and get my job back. Not with the forest service, but with a city department. I have gone into deppression because of this. I am about to give up on this hole thing soon if i can not get help. I am a hard working and loved being a firefighter. I just never knew I would be dumped because of there carelessness. Please reply if you can.

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    I dont know.....Something just doesnt sound right here. Are you sure there isnt more that you have left out?

    If it is such a home-run case for you legally, why havnt any attorneys taken it pro-bono, requesting compensation by the defendant(s)?
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    I wondered the same thing. When I explained everything they were willing to take the case until I mentioned that I was working for the Forest Service as a firefighter. As soon as they heard that, they said they were sorry but they do not deal with the federal government. I know it sound like some crazy story, but it really did happen. I couldn't believe it myself!!!! they say that the federal government has to many rules to cover there butts even when they are in the wrong. I just need to find that one person who wants to take that chance. Right know I am just very desperate to find a lawyer. I had found out that I'm not the only one who has been through this. If you know of some one, let me know. Thank you so much for your response.

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