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    Default Allstate Floridian

    Allstate Floridian I hate you. I am gonna take my soon to be not renewed policy and wipe my poop filled A-hole with it. 25 yrs I paid you commies, and after notifying me you were not renewing my homeowner's policy, you had the balls to advertise your auto insurance at a 6% dicount to those who own homes in Florida (but can't have homeowners insurance through you). Rot in hell. Oh, thanks for letting me rant. Have a nice day.

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    I feel your pain. About 5 or 5 years ago when I lived in Philly, Allstate just up and cancelled my auto insurance policy with no warning. I had a good record and always made my payments on time, imagine my shock. I later found out it was due to too many uninsured drivers in Philly and they wanted out. Nice of them give me some warning.......
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    Insurance companies are businesses. They are not benevolent organizations. They operate in one of the most heavily regulated areas of commerce in the US. Businesses exist for one purpose-to make money. When they stop making money, they adjust how they do business in order to start making money again. If you owned a business, you would do exactly the same thing.

    That said, there are good insurance companies who value customer relations. There are bad insurance cos. who could not possibly care less about what their customers think of them or how they treat their customers. Sounds to me like you were the "victim" of a bad insurance co.

    Here's one thing for sure about insurance cos. If one co. abandons a line of business, two more will come in and battle for the book.

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