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    Default I guess he got voted off the "Island"

    nice to see the posts from WKRP Land are gone from down below today

    I guess he was wrong..there are Mods here

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    Way to go moderator!

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    What a shame, he was such a valuable contributor to the forums. Saw that coming a mile away, good job WT. From Cincyone to Cincygone

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    Na, He is alive and kicking.....Hey, Gein...You are like the other liberals...you only THINK you can silence your critics.
    Last edited by profire1; 05-30-2007 at 07:36 PM.

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    Nah, I'm all for critics. I've got plenty, ask my wife. I don't agree with much of anything that you write, but I do get a chuckle reading your volly bashing. It was obvious the guy wasn't going to last long, when he starts calling people b*(*hes

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